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Friday, August 1, 2008

Interview with Benson T. Mauga, Founder of SAHC

Interview with Benson T. Mauga of
Samoan Athletes Heart of Champions

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Filoiann: Welcome Pastor Benson. Thank you for having this interview with us. Please tell us a little about yourself.

Pastor Benson: Talofa! I am Benson T. Mauga, age 47, father of six sons: Benson Jr., 28; Dallas , 25; Rainbow, 23; Magnum, 21; and Hutch & Homer (twins), 17. Not forgotten is my beautiful, faithful wife, Mouna, for 27 years. I am a born again Christian in Christ from 2001, and the founder of the Samoan Athletes Heart of Champions ministry from Windsor Hills Community Church , Pastored by Sam Calhoun.

Filoiann: Please tell us how you became involved in this ministry and why?

Pastor Benson: Samoan Athletes Heart of Champions was a vision and a dream to pass on to our future generations. It started from my family and where I grew up from one of the tiny islands in the South Pacific Samoa Islands . Tutuila is now American Samoa with seven islands . I was one of the outstanding Samoan Athletes from Samoana HS (American Samoa -1978), that did not make it to the next level due to funding. But the Lord knew the plans He had for me and my future. I successfully served our country for 22 years. It was God’s calling for me to reach out to our young generations not only for athletic, but for a spiritual foundation of faith. A motto from one of our elders, who has since passed on, is: “ Samoa muamua le Atua” which means, “Samoan put God first.” We have such a strong heart when we are committed to a mission, such as sports activities, and military service.

Filoiann: Please explain what exactly, “Samoan Athletes Heart of Champions” does for the community and what it hopes to accomplish?

Pastor Benson: Samoan Athletes Heart of Champions reaches out to the community and local churches for fellowship services annually here in San Diego , CA . We also reach out to people in our homeland in American Samoa . We go to high schools for small group bible studies. ” for their spiritual growth and fellowship.

We also provide free Bibles for each participating Athlete. In 2006, we launched our ministry in American Samoa , and last year we held the American Samoa Combine Clinic for all their high schools. We partnered with AIGA Foundation, Gridiron Ministries, and Allen Allen to give back to our local Samoan Athletes the faith we have from our hearts. Our host was American Samoa Teen Challenge by Pastor Otto & Vickie Haleck. Our goal is to plant seeds to these young athletes and encourage them to seek His kingdom. “By FAITH!” is our motto to our young generations.

Filoiann: You have a blessed ministry that is truly making an impact in your community and abroad. What words of wisdom or advice would you like to impart to those who are reading this interview in regard to being a person of purpose?

Pastor Benson: “I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11. We should not neglect our responsibility to our children. Keep the faith and pray that they will listen one day as our Lord promises us a hope and a future.

Filoiann: Thank you for those words of wisdom. Please share with us the type of support your ministry relies on and how people can reach you if they would like more info and/or to make a contribution.

Pastor Benson: We support our Samoan Athletes spiritually and through local community college referrals; that is, if they are not moving out for other divisional opportunities. Sons and Daughters, you can try to be the best you can be. You have more opportunities here in the mainland than our Samoan Athletes in the Islands . My local church and family financially support our own fairs and purchased almost 800 Bibles from FCA for our Samoan Athletes. For more info, contact: Benson T. Mauga, 1705 Dartmoor Drive , Lemon Grove , CA 91945 . Phone: (619) 838-9877; e-mail: BTmauga@aol.com. Our next mission is to New Zealand . We are still awaiting a local host/contact sponsor during the summer 2009. We also have our Combine Clinic, Football & Volleyball Clinic, and Coaches Clinic as well. So, keep us in your prayer listing for the needs of our Samoan Athletes in New Zealand .

Filoiann: It was a pleasure doing this interview with you. May the Lord bless your ministry 100 fold. Fa’afetai Tele Lava, Tofa Soifua. (Thank you very much, farewell and best wishes)

Pastor Benson: Soifua, (Farewell—best wishes) Heart for Christ; Benson & Mouna Mauga (Youth Pastor/SAHC)

This interview is by Filoiann Wiedenhoff, a pastor's wife, woman's biblical counselor, bible teacher, writer and columnist. You can view her website at http://www.filoiannwiedenhoff.com/and sign up for her monthly newsletter.

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